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Unsightly Property By-Law

Unsightly Property By-Law#0029-18

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By-Law 0029-18 Unsightly Property

By-Law 0029-18 Unsightly Property

By-Law 0028-18 Animal Control

By-Law 0028-18 Animal Control

By-Law Enforcement Officer Services – Complaints

The By-Law Enforcement Officer may carry out inspections at his/her discretion and/or on a complaint basis to determine whether By-Laws that the Municipality/Community is authorized to enforce are being complied with, what actions or measures a person needs to take; whether the actions or measures are being adhered to and to prevent a re-occurrence of a contravention.

Complaints shall be received in the following manner:

1) From a resident or property owner.

2) From a member of Council through the Chief Administrative Officer or his/her delegate.

3) Upon visual observation of the By-Law Enforcement Officer.

All complaints shall be in writing in the form of a “By-Law Enforcement Services Request Form” as available below.

Complaints shall be submitted to the C.A.O. or designate of the Municipality/Community responsible the By-Law under which the alleged infraction occurred.

By-Law Services Request Form