C'est si bon!  Ensemble Together   

The Logo:  

The "C’est si bon!” logo was created to generate awareness of bilingual municipalities in Manitoba and symbolizes the enterprising and collaborative spirit within these communities. The new identity will help promote the rewards and benefits of this linguistic duality. The logo acknowledges the strong presence and history of a proud francophone heritage whose roots in Manitoba are as prominent today as they were over a hundred years ago. 

Our Symbol:  

The words speak to the inherent advantages of our sixteen bilingual municipalities. Bilingualism makes investing, visiting, living in our communities "so good”. The phrase "C’est si bon!” communicates that the unique aspect of our communities is the french language. Other places are also bilingual, but our difference is our francophone heritage and culture. Together – among sixteen municipalities, we’ll thrive; and together – communicating in two languages, we’ll prosper. The colours are bright and lively. The red and the blue contrast and compliment each other not unlike the qualities of a bilingual community. 

The colours are also inspired by traditional icons of french-canadian heritage; the blue is strong and inviting, the red is exciting and festive. They also trace back to the colours of the french flag, a symbol representing the origins of our "francophonie”. 

The visuals are comprised of three elements. A flowing red sash represents our roots and our flowing rivers. The fluid shape of the sash also demonstrates the momentum and the dynamics of our growing communities. The upbeat look of the typography reflects the energy and "joie de vivre” of our communities. Motion lines on three sides also characterize the vibrancy of our cities and towns. 

The brand image as a whole is a true reflection of who we are and what we stand for. These values will be experienced by all who interact with our communities. Come experience the promise of our brand.