Wind Power

Saint-Léon is known as the wind capital of Manitoba.

It is the site of the first wind farm in Manitoba.  You will be amazed by the majestic beauty of our 73 turbines.  Learn about the new technology that produces electricity without polluting or taking away any natural resources. 

We offer a Power Point presentation, a short informative film done by the province and a gallery on the wind turbines.  We also have a 41-meter blade from a wind turbine and a nacelle shell on display right outside the center.  

You can also stop by a turbine on your way into town. This turbine, K1, was the first to be constructed in Manitoba. You can also go inside it by arranging an appointment (preferably a week in advance).

Quick facts:

  • Turbine height: 80 meters 
  • Blade length: 41 meters 
  • Height at top of sweep: 120 meters 
  • Base diameter: 4 meters 
  • Wind turbines are as high as Winnipeg's Richardson Building 
  • The blades cover the area of a football field. 
  • Wind turbines weigh a whopping 220 tons