Living Green

Learn how to reduce your ecological footprint and help the environment.We offer tips on how you can be more environmentally friendly at home as well as games and quizzes for kids to test their knowledge. 


This is a process where Red Wriggler worms turn food waste into a nutrient rich fertilizer.These worms reproduce very quickly and can be used as food for the salamanders in the winter. 


Trees are great source of environmental protection as they:

  • Reduce wind and soil erosion 
  • Increase crop and forage yields because of shelter effect 
  • Intercept nutrient runoff near riparian areas 
  • Store carbon thereby reducing greenhouse gases in the air 
  • Use up agricultural, municipal and industrial wastewater 

There is a 27-acre hybrid poplar tree plantation adjacent to the center, which was planted in 2007 and is owned by Adrien and Thérèse Caillier. Hybrid Poplar trees are among the fastest growing trees in North America. These trees can be harvested can be harvested after 12-15 years.The trees will then produce 8 inch square timber and stand 25-35 feet tall.They produce high wood yields for fiber and wood products such as pulp, OSB and solid wood. 

Trans Canada Trail 

The Trans-Canada Trail goes across Lorne municipality, linking many communities found on its border. In St. Leon it takes you around Round Lake which is a 2.66 km/1.657 mile hike. Come and enjoy the peace and quiet and stunning nature the area has to offer. 

Below is a link to the Trans Canada trail website.