Economic Development Program


The economic development program is offered by the Municipality of Lorne. Eligibility is determined on a project by project basis. Council has the final decision on all applications. The following developments in the Municipality of Lorne are eligible for the incentive program.

  1. New commercial and industrial development making a minimum assessed building value of $50,000;
  2. Expansion and major renovation of existing business with a minimum assessed building value of $50,000 added to the base year;
  3. New multiple-unit residential development including apartment blocks and any development with 2 or more rental units , with a minimum assessed building value of $100,000 
  4. Expansion or major renovation of exiting multiple-unit residential development with a minimum assessed building value of $50,000 added to the base year;
  5. The installation of green initiative such as geo-thermal heat pump installed on commercial property which increases the assessed value from the base year;
  6. New residential construction.

Ineligible applicants include provincial and federal government run or funded agencies and insurance claims.

Program criteria

  1. All eligible development must result in a net increase in the property’s assessment as determined by Manitoba Assessment Branch and meet the targeted needs of the community.
  2. The developer or owner must obtain a building and development permit prior to the commencement of any construction and the development must conform to the municipality’s development plan and zoning by-law.   
  3. Application must be made at any time before 60 days of the construction start date.   
  4. All municipal and educational taxes must be paid in full on or before October 31 of each tax year.

To access a copy of the form, please click here.

To find all the necessary permits required for any construction, please visit the South Central Planning District's website.