Garbage Collection

Please put your garbage out by 8 am. Garbage that is put out after the garbage truck has passed will not be picked up. Garbage must be placed outside along the street curb; under no circumstance will the Public Works employees pick-up garbage inside a building.


  • Collection in the NORTH part of the village (north of Notre-Dame Avenue West but not east of highway # 244)
  • Collection for businesses


  • Collection in the SOUTH part of the village (south of Notre-Dame Avenue West) and EAST part of the village (part east highway # 244)
  • Collection for businesses

Garbage which will be collected:  

  • Household garbage placed in bags not heavier than 30 kg. It is owner’s responsibility to ensure that this weight limit will be respected. Village employees will not be required to pick bags or bundles heavier than 30 kg.
  • Branches in bundles (maximum of 30 kg and three feet in length)

Garbage which will not be collected:

  • Fridges and freezers
  • Renovation leftovers
  • Water tanks
  • Other large and heavy objects such as Bar-B-Q

Owners may make their own arrangements to have these heavier and bulky objects transported to the transfer station, located two miles east of the village. 

Please call Denis Bibault at 204-248-2340 to have the gates opened. 

Anyone bringing wastes to the transfer station will be required to sort it in the following ways:

  • metals are to be placed on the metal pile
  • wood and debris are to be placed on the wood pile for incineration.
  • plastics, glass and rubber wastes are to be placed in the metal container. They are not to be incinerated.

Shingles must be transported directly to the R.M. of Thompson waste disposal site. Directions and hours of operation are available at the office. A tipping fee must be paid by cash or cheque at time of drop-off.