Hunting and Fishing

Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes is primarily an agricultural region. The inhabitants can however take pride to have near their town an abundance of wooded areas for hunting.

The Notre Dame Wildlife Association, proud of its 200+ active members organizes each year several winter and summer events.

Hunting and fishing has been an important part of the Lourdians lives since the origins of the village. This tradition, anchored well in each family has been transmitted from generation to generation for about 110 years.

Within a few kilometres of the town, the lakes Stephenfield, Rock Lake, Pelican Lake and Mary Jane Lake are exceptional areas for impassioned fishing.

The thickness of ice during the cold months, makes it possible to fish a good part of the winter and the Lourdians are always numerous in attending the Family Fun Fishing Day in March.

During the summer, many friends and family join together to enjoy a fun weekend of camping and fishing at Stony Point.

Every year Notre Dame Wildlife Association organize different competitions throughout the year. All members can compete.

For the annual game and fish night, people enter their deer, moose, elk, caribou antlers or even bear for competition. Official judges from the Manitoba Big Game Trophy Association come to Notre Dame to score all antlers to determine who's first, second or third. Prizes and trophies are awarded to the winners.

Notre-Dame Wildlife Association have also awards for the largest fish and awards are given to senior and junior fisherman as well. 

Committee of the Notre Dame Wildlife Association for 2023-2024 is:

  • Lionel Durand (président)
  • Don Collet
  • Richard Monchamp
  • Rhiley Durand
  • Norm Cénérini 
  • Ricky Delaquis
  • Luc Deleurme
  • Sean Chabbert
  • Dan Lesage
  • Alan Delorme
  • Bert Bibault