The Municipality of Lorne is located in the south central part of Manitoba in the agricultural zone of Canada.  Lorne is bordered on the east by the Pembina Hills, on the north and west by the Tiger Hills, and on the south by the Pembina Valley.

The Municipality of Lorne is a picturesque region of gentle, rolling hills, and a patchwork of some of the most fertile fields in Manitoba.   The administrative office is located at 307 3rd Street in Somerset, Manitoba.

Lorne was incorporated as a Rural Municipality on 14 February 1880. It was named for the Duke of Argyle (Marquis of Lorne; 1845-1914), son-in-law to Queen Victoria, who was Governor General of Canada from 1878 to 1883. The area is rich in history. 

Please visit the Manitoba Historical Society to find many links to the area’s historical monuments and markers 

Source:  Manitoba Historical Society

At a Glance:

Population (2021)                        2904
Land Area (km 2) 906.8
Family Income (2005)               $54,438

Source: Bureau of Statistics for Manitoba