In some emergency situations it may become necessary to leave your home or business and move to a safer location. Plan ahead for such a situation.

The RM of Lorne will make every effort to keep people informed of the situation. This may be done by telephone, local media, pamphlets, and emergency services personnel vehicles using sirens and loud-halers or by personal contact.

Preparing to evacuate:

– A Family Emergecy Supplies Kit can be prepared with water, food, clothing and personal items. See “Emergency Supplies Kit”.

– If asked, and you have the time and know how, shut off the water, gas and electricity.

– Make arrangements for pets.

– Listen to local radio for the location of reception centres.

– Follow the instructions provided by local authorities.

What to do when you must evacuate:

– Leave a note for friends and authorities saying when you left and where you went.

– Vacate your home when advised – ignoring a warning may jeopardize your safety.

– Wear protective clothing and comfortable walking shoes.

– Shut off anything you may be cooking.

– You may need to:

a) shut off the main electric switch.

b) shut off the water heater switch.

c) turn off the water supply.

– If you have a hot water or steam boiler system, turn off the power and/or natural gas supply and drain the boiler and system according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

– Take your Emergency Supplies Kit.

– Take additional clothing and blankets if you have time to pack.

– Place a sign on the front door, or in a visible place in the front window saying that all residents have evacuated.

– Lock your house.

– Follow the routes specified by officials. Do not take short cuts.

– Do not drive through flood waters or off-road unless told to.

– If your car stalls in fast rising waters leave it behind – always consider safety first.

– Register with the reception centre so that you can be contacted and reunited with your family.

– Notify you Family Contact if you situation.

– Bring your medication with you.