Civic Addressing


Township and Provincial Roads

The house numbering system used for township and provincial roads is based on a system suitable for provincial wide adoption.  For north-south roads, the starting point is the American border, while for east-west roads the numbers start at the Principal Meridian.

All addresses can have up to six digits.  If required, the first three digits, also called the mile block, would represent the distance, in miles, from either the American border or the Principal Meridian, while the last three digits represent the distance, in 10 meter increments, to the driveway of the property is located from the start of the mile segment.  Civic addresses increase in a northerly direction and in both easterly and westerly directions from the Principal Meridian.

North – South Roads 

For properties on the north-south roads, the starting points for numbering is the American border and follows the provincial road numbering standard.  For structures between Road “0″ (USA border) and the mile Road “1N”‘ the mile block number would be “0″.  Between mile Road “1N” and “Road 2N”, the mile block would read “1″.  The mile block number would progressively increase as one travels northward on a township road or a main highway such as P.T.H. #75, which runs from Emerson to Winnipeg.

The last three digits of the property number represents the distance, in 10 meter increments, that the driveway to the property is located from the start of the mile block.  As 400 meters is also a quarter mile, 800 meters is a half mile and 1200 meters the three quarter mile line, a house located north of Road 78N on Road 120W, with the number 78040 would be at the quarter mile line, while one with the number 78080 would be at the half mile, while 78120 would be at the three quarter mile line.

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