St. Alphonse

St. Alphonse is located on PR #532, 4 km north of PTH #23. It is 15 kms west of the junction of 34 and 23.

Nestled in the Tiger Hills, the steeples of the 125 year old Roman Catholic Church serve as a beacon drawing one to the picturesque valley hamlet. Located on Henry Alexander the Younger’s original trail of exploration, the community was first settled in 1882 as a frontier mission. Louis Vendette and Joseph Poirier donated land for the construction of a school and a church and the community of St. Alphonse was born. Originally the hamlet was referred to as Decosse Post Office, until Archbishop Tache granted the official Canonical Degree creating the parish of St. Alphonse. In 1883 the hamlet was renamed St. Alphonse and it became the hub of homestead activity for Manitoba’s French Canadian and Belgian pioneers.

Today St. Alphonse is home to a vibrant agricultural community. Its rolling landscape, wooded hills, and Cypress River valley provide ample opportunity for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. It offers much beautiful scenery for photographers and landscape artists. The century old graveyard provides a wealth of information for genealogists. A commemorative school cairn was erected in 2000 and dedicated to the teachers and students who attended school here as part of the town’s Millennium celebration. The shaded picnic grounds provide an excellent place for visitors to take in the natural beauty and historical landmarks of the community.

Each year an annual Community Fall Dinner is served traditionally on the last Sunday of October. Card Parties are held on the first Friday of each month from November to April for Bien playing enthusiasts in the community hall. Several Ping Pong tournaments are also held throughout the long winter months. Everyone is welcome to come and participate in the action or just watch the games being played. St. Alphonse is also home to the Highsteppers, a club for dance enthusiasts who meet regularly throughout the winter months. The nearby Lake 7 resort offers camp sites and water sports during the summer months.

St. Alphonse is a small but vibrant community filled with history and natural beauty. St. Alphonse awaits your visit!