Emergency Numbers

Emergency operators have been trained to answer your call and to send Police, Fire and/or Ambulance to help you. They can also connect you with Poison Treatment. They will ask a series of questions as well as tell you what to do until help arrives.

Police, Fire, Ambulance, Poison Treatment —- 911

Manitoba E.M.O. —- 888-267-8298

Environmental Accidents —- 204-945-4888

Natural Gas Concerns (MB Hydro Gas Operations) —- 800-465-3816

Hydro Concerns (MB Hydro) —- 888-624-9376

RM of Lorne —- 204-744-2133

Village of Somerset —- 204-744-2171

Six things to tell the operator when you need help:

– Who you need? – Police, Fire or Ambulance

– Where you need help? – Your address

– What is happening now?

– How did it happen?

– When did it happen?

– Your name.

Helpful Hints:

– Teach everyone in your family to make emergency calls.

– If you accidentally call 911, stay on the line so the operator knows that help is nto needed and will not notify the Police to investigate.

– When calling from a cell phone you will be asked your specific location.