Tornadoes are violent wind storms identified by their twisting funnel-shaped cloud.

They are always produced by thunderstorms but not every thunderstorm produces a tornado. They travel between 20 and 90 km/h, are erratic, and can change course suddenly. Do not chase tornadoes. Tornado Watch means the weather could develop a tornado. Tornado Warning means a tornado has been seen or it is very likely that one will develop shortly.

What to do during a tornado:

If you are near a building:

– Listen to your radio during severe thunderstorms.

– If a Tornado Warning has been issued take cover immediately.

– Go to the basement or take shelter in a small interior ground floor room, closet or hallway.

– Protect yourself by sitting under a heavy table or desk.

– Stay away from windows and outside walls and doors.

– Do not use elevators.

– Avoid large halls, churches, arenas, etc.: their roofs are more likely to collapse.

– Stay close tot he ground, protect your head and hide from flying debris.

If you are driving:

– Try to get to a nearby shelter. Drive away from the tornado at a right angle.

– DO no get caught in a car or mobile home – take shelter elsewhere. If no shelter is available, lie face down in a ditch or culvert away from the vehicle or mobile home.

– If a tornado seems to be standing still, it is either travelling away from you or heading right for you.

– Stay close to the ground, protect your head and hide from flying debris.